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marymowally's Journal

25 November
hmmm why should i write a bio about myself? hopefully you already know me! if you don't know me and read this, then that's just a little weird.. and creepy. and stupid because my life isn't too exciting. but anyway my lj is public for my non-lj friends to read and for myself, when in 10 years i'll look back at this and laugh at what a complete idiot i am. owell! i've got nothing to hide! if you happen to drop by, leave some comments! they make me feel special =] heehee. yeah, and so i know who reads this! umm that's about it. so now, i will leave you with the wise words of j-money.. "well peace out homeslice im outie. no doubtie. its cloudy. what what!" LoL goodbye!!
"I love you more than a hippo weighs!"-kelsey

oh and mufoo is my other lj username and it's mostly just for pictures and junk. i haven't done much but i'll try to do better at updating it.

adidas, aim, alpine adventures, american sign language, animals, anklets, art, audio adrenaline, band clothing, bandanas, bleach, bobby convey, bracelets, bubble baths, candles, care bears, cbc, cbc trips, cds, cheers, chocolate, church, classical music, cookie dough, cool socks, daisies, dc talk, dc united, ddr, dema kovalenko, digital cameras, dolphins, dr. pepper, drawing, dreams, ducks, duct tape, earrings, eggs, eyes that twinkle, family, five iron frenzy, flames, flowers, freddy adu, friends, funny movies, georgia southern, glowsticks, god, goldfish, good conversations, good smelling hair, good smelling lotion, guitars, gum, hair, hawaiin flowers, homestarrunner, hoodies, hot chocolate, hugs, ice cream, jesus, jimmy eat world, john reuben, juicy fruit, lemonade, livejournal, lotr, lysol, m&m's, messages in the sand, messenger bags, milkshakes, miss congeniality, mls, movies, music, mxpx, my dog, my kitty, necklaces, nice teeth, nick @ nite, noodles, orange soda, orlando bloom, pacsun, pajamas, pax217, people who smile, photography, photos, pictures, pretty snow, rappeling, reese's cups, relient k, road trips, roller coasters, rolling my eyes, roses, roxy, see spot rock tour, shoes, shopping, skiing, sleeping in, sleepovers, slippers, smurfs, snow days, snowboarding, soccer, sonicflood, starbucks, stars, staying up late, strongbad, summer, sunny days, sunsets, sweatshirts, swimming, switchfoot, taking pictures, tan skin, target, tennis, the ax game, the beach, the beach boys, the bible, the camanns, the mall, the oc supertones, the ocean, thunderstorms, tobymac, toe rings, trampolines, trix yogurt, volleyball, warmness, weekends, world changers, worship, writing notes, youth group